Milan SS15 en GIFs

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Big Barbie dreamworld – pink plastic hair bows, Malibu Barbie, pink Barbie convertible car, handmade yellow Barbie bikini, Barbie rockers, sweet 16 Barbie.


Ikebana flower garden – Japanese calligraphy, anthurium Ikebana, zen garden water feature, traditional peony tattoos, huntington bamboo gardens, shoji screen ceiling.


Hewn homestead – patchwork quilt, DIY upholstery, hand tooled leather, prairie dress material, fabric stencil, denim calico scraps.


Modernist slink – “Wall Drawing no. 373, Lines in Four Directions (equal spacing on unequal walls)” by Sol LeWitt, “Three Color Frame Painting” by Robert Mangold, “Untitled Cube (6)” by Sol LeWitt, Ring of O, “Self Portrait” by Andy Warhol, “Wolfeboro IV” by Frank Stella.


Media hot and cold – scrambled image signal, Michael Riedel’s Powerpoint series, radial mosaic, “Untitled” by Larry Bell at the Venice Biennale, plastic furniture cover, venetian blinds.

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